Explore Pakistan The Hunza Way

It would have been unfair on my part if I hadn’t talked about my country, given its dazzling beauty.

Hunza town, located at just about 100km away from Gilgit in the northern region of Pakistan has often been referred as heaven on earth.

rushlake Hunza Nagar Valley_ travelguide-pk.blogspot.com

Having an altitude of about 8,200ft and its mesmeric view and overwhelmingly hospitable locals its undeniably the best place for tourists to visit.

Even though Hunza is filled with tourists through out the year but, the best season to visit Hunza is from May to October.

As far as the temp is concerned, max temp in May is 27°C while minimum is 14°C and in October max temp 10°C and minimum temp 0°C.

Rachael Parish’s trip from London to Hunza.

Source: FindMyAdventure


This beautiful garden of cherries, orchards and apricots is the walkway to the Altit Fort.


Altit Fort is designed to give a holistic view of the Hunza Valley. Rich in its history, this is where the people used to trade silk and other goods.


Attabad lake, a jaw dropping view. Imagine yourself in a sailing between these mountains.


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