The Unforgettable UK Tour!

It was a fine day in London, the sun shone high in the sky while we perspired to complete our last exam on time. The exam was a decider whether we’ll be graduating or taking summer courses. As the clock struck 12 along with the announcement of “pens down”, we finally made it through. Overly excited! We jumped with joy and chanted our way to the dorms, it was then, when we planned on the UK tour.

We were six young lads, each one of us given a task to plan a trip in different parts of the United Kingdom. How convenient was it for the one, who chose London to start with (Sigh). I specifically planned for Wales, I love the beaches and we needed relaxation more than ever at that point in time.

It was a three hour straight journey from London to our final stop in Wales, Cardiff. Where we devour Nandos located at the city centre. We roamed around the city, checked out the places and later that day stayed over at our friends place. The following day we had our route planned out but, due to an unforeseen circumstance one of our group mate had to back out.

Good riddance! We can travel by car now (as it had a capacity for five), it’s more fun and cost effective. I hope this blog doesn’t reach out to my mate, he’ll kill me for it. The next day we fueled up, fed the post code on tom-tom (a navigation device) and headed for Broad Haven Beach located in Pembroke shire which meant 2.5 hour drive via M4 and A40.

We reached at Pembroke shire in the evening and planned on checking in and resting, the worst part of the trip was that it was raining and our plan for the beach has got cancelled by that time! Imagine that long drive and all the efforts gone to waste. Furthermore we stayed at “The Coach House Hotel” at Pembroke shire, a good hotel, with complimentary breakfast and WIFI facility.

While we stayed we looked for opportunities other than the beach. We came across an Oakwood theme park with terrifying rides, which definitely meant that we are going. The next day we woke up to a bright sunny day, with the scorching heat of the sun entering our rooms through the windows. You know what we did next! Behold Broad Haven Beach!


It’s a pro family place, safe and extremely soothing. We took the essentials with us to survive through the day which consisted of food, water bottles, juices, cloth to spread on surface and an umbrella.


You get a sight of a breathtaking view once you climb that hilly terrain in the picture. We enjoyed our time during the climb.

This is our ride, Suzuki Swift, we had it pimped up with BBS alloy rims, exhaust, half mat finished and tinted. This baby was a road killer!


It’s a must visit place, and the Oakwood theme park was the cherry on top!


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